Health, safety environment protection & quality

At OOC Opielok Offshore Carriers we believe that achieving the highest standards of safety, quality and environmental protection is a prerequisite to create a safe working environment in which all stakeholders are equally protected from harm during our vessels operation. OOC follows a Goal Zero accident policy.
All our employees are committed and motivated to strictly follow the HSEQ guidelines set by top management, which executed and lived by all departments and employees. Since the very beginning OOC focuses on the safeguarding and protection of their employees, third parties and the respect for the environment. We believe that the safety will always come first - so we consequently promote a business culture that is driven by a continuous improvement of safety and quality awareness.

The company's management policy is based upon a combination of experience and traditional ship management practices, supported by modern technology. OOC maintains and secures its position in the market place by providing a cost effective, safe and healthy working environment through the continuous optimization of practices and processes.

The constant review of in-house operational procedures and ongoing analysis and comparison with competitors and other similar companies, allows OOC to identify and implement “Best Practice” in everything it does.
We benefit from an implemented system of continuous improvement, which identifies risks to health and safety, sets clear objectives and responsibilities for all managers and employees and checks that we are meeting our aims and objectives.

The General Aim of our Policy is to prevent incidents and conditions that allow us to achieve the following conditions:

  • ZERO personnel Injury or Loss of Life
  • ZERO Safety Incident & Highest Safety Standards
  • Environmental Protection

Additionally we focus to

  • Execute an effective Non-Alcohol and Non-Drug policy
  • Maintain, manage and operate the fleet in accordance with the best professional standards
  • Comply with all relevant national and international regulations, as well as OOCs supplementary criteria.
  • Minimize risks to the safety of our personnel, the environment, the vessel, onboard equipment, cargo and customer assets.
  • Have in place an effective organizational structure suitable for our company’s business activities

OOC is committed to enhancing Customer requirements and the continual improvement and effectiveness of our Quality Management System. There is a constant drive to satisfy our Customers while always being mindful of our responsibility to local rules and legislation, our employees and the broader community. This involves encouraging the active participations, endeavor and contribution of ideas from all shore and sea personnel. These high standards are achieved by operating an ISO 9001:2008 certified Quality Management System.